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Bernie The Skinny Dog

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           *Studies have been made about animal cruelty and its connection to human violence.*

"Humane Education" teaches kindness and respect for all animals.  As a result, it can reduce the risk of animal abuse or violence.

When Karen's parents move from their house and into an apartment that doesn't allow dogs, she's brokenhearted when Brownie, her best friend, can't come along. Karen is very angry with them. Her wish, when she gets older, is to have her own apartment and a dog. 

After Karen graduates and works many years, she's able to afford her own place and adopts Bernie from the animal shelter.

Join Bernie when he becomes the "School Hero" and is honored by the community.

Karen and Bernie are asked to teach "Animal Kindness" in all the County's Elementary and Middle-grade schools.  She teaches the students animal safety, dog care, responsible pet ownership and kindness towards people. Her life-lessons is executed in an entertaining manner.

Karen takes Bernie along on a weekend getaway and visits "The Oldest City in the United States" -- St. Augustine, Florida. 

This weekend will change their life forever. "Be careful what you wish for!"

Bernie The Skinny Dog is a must read for dog lovers -- young and old alike!  Recommended for fifth graders (10 years & older). 

Included in the story are photographs of zoo animals, photographs and facts on St. Augustine, tips before deciding on a dog, quotes, clip-art, helpful resources, "Acts of Kindness" suggestion list and heart-warming stories, My Kindness Journal, My Family Kindness Journal and My Wish List to be filled in.

"The ending was very surprising and a great perspective to teach the children.  I didn't see it coming.  Very well done.  It took some explaining to get Alex, my eight year old, to understand because he is so literal, but once he got it, he wanted to know if he could do it.  Good job!"
Richard, owner
The Doggy Store

"I think it is very well written and speaks of kindness to all living creatures.  I'm sure Bernie is very proud that he continues on with such an important message."
Ann, Maxwell, Ziva

"It was a pleasure reading this book as I am a "dog person" and love stories about dogs and other animals.  I found this book an easy read as it is geared towards the elementary school student level.  Those in the 3rd through 5th grade should enjoy Bernie's story. The reader also will discover some of the history of St. Augustine - the oldest city in Florida.  Lively and intriguing, this story is about Bernie, a Whippet (often mistaken for a small Greyhound).  It takes us through the fanciful adventures of this dog as he interacts with children and adults in the community as an Ambassador for good canine behavior.  He addresses the issue of bullying, being kind to others and being safe around dogs.  I was impressed with the twist at the end of Bernie's story.  It was very unexpected and unique.  Most children enjoy reading about animals and their adventures and it is always beneficial to have them learn while reading - something they will experience in this book.  Parents thinking of getting their children a dog will benefit from reading this book as well.  The heart-warming stories exhibiting "acts of kindness" will give the parent and children ideas to work on projects together and can keep a journal in the back of the book.  Great touch!" 
Barbara, Jet Blue II, Sonic, Missile & Dillon
Animal Kindness Unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Greyhound Pets of America FL/SE Coast Chapter, President

"It was an enchanting read."
Emily & Patches



"Every animal counts! They should be treated with kindness and respect."

Please be kind to all animals!







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