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Sandra is not new at creating.  While living in Los Angeles, CA., she created and manufactured for the retail market, "The Official Toilet Paper of the Stars."  The 2-ply bathroom tissue, with the actual commands heard on a movie set, was printed in black.  The individual sheets was adorned with Art Deco designs.  A big hit with many celebrities.

She was a Production Coordinator as well as an Assistant to high profile Producers, Directors, Writers and Actors while working at various studios. 

Sandra created, wrote, produced and directed a thirty-minute television pilot, "Healthy People & Healthy Pets."

While working for a dog salon in her youth, she bathed and brushed dogs while learning how to groom her Poodle and Bedlington Terriers. Being an animal lover from childhood, she shared her space at various times with dogs, parakeets, canaries, finches, fresh and salt water fish.  She's had two mixed-breeds, a Boxer, a miniature French Poodle, two Bedlington Terriers (mother and daughter), and an Irish Setter.  

Sandra also loves horses, bicycling, hiking, chess, birding, and photography of wildlife and nature.

Photography plays a very important role in her life. Her photographs can be viewed on  Click here to view them.  Sandra contributes her photos to the Audubon Society of the Everglades for their "Bird of the Month" picture gallery.

When she sees a need for something, Sandra pursues the cause - Canine Cove Dog Park was built in her community due to her efforts.  She started an all-breed dog club for single people owned by their dog.  When she learned about the pet food recall, she came up with an "Alert & Recall" notification system to keep pets safe.  Sandra contacted Pet Food Companies with her plan. 

Sandra shares her journey while visiting numerous Veterinarians with Bernie and Kevin in Who's Your Vet?, an informational story to help pet parents.  She is also the author of Bernie The Skinny Dog.  Her story is written for children 10+ years and their parents...a story about animal and people kindness. "Be careful what YOU wish for!"

Sadly, Bernie got his angel wings on 12/14/11 @ 15 years old.  He was a true gentleman and kind-hearted soul.  Bernie is in Sandra's heart forever and she thinks about him everyday. 



Here we go again.  This is my letter I emailed to pet food companies:

"I propose to you the following that can help keep all pets safe should your company have a potential problem or recall with your pet food brands.

I ask that your website initiate an email list for your customers to subscribe to such as Wysong (

This can be accomplished with a simple auto-responder email program such as Get-Response or Constant Contact.  This list will be used to inform consumers if any product is pulled from store shelves and/or believed to be a potential health risk.  For pet parents that are not on-line, please develop a voice mail program to notify your consumers that have registered for this alert service through your Customer Service Department.

Please alert all registered pet parents within 24 hours of your company's product pull or within 24 hours of your company's knowledge of a pet food problem.

Consumers want to see a "warning" on your main page of your website to alert us of the lot numbers being recalled in bold letters that can be easily seen by all.

It is important to all pet parents to be directly notified with this simple yet effective way to let us know should your company ever have a problem or recall.

I started this plan on 10/26/09 and hope to get ALL companies on-board.  After the recent recalls, I knew I had to do something to prevent more pets from becoming ill or even worse.  My dogs became ill from pet food in the past.

I will gladly work with you to resolve this much needed communication between your Company, your consumers, stores, distributors and veterinarians.  I believe to get everyone to your website starts at the cash register.  I have contacted Big Chains.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter."

Please write or email your pet food company asking them to notify you directly when they have a problem.  You may use my letter as an example.  If they are not willing to be responsible, don't buy their products.  Fight with your purse!  Any brand could be next.

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