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Come along with Sandra and her canine buddies, Bernie and Kevin, on their office visits and into the world of veterinary medicine.

Their story is written in a diary style.  Real people, real stories, and advice from caring people on the Internet she never met.

Who's Your Vet? is an informational story with a message starting in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Florida.  Things happen for a reason and not by accident.  There is a "master plan" for us.

After Sandra's ordeal, and the numerous office visits are not limited to cancer, she feels she can offer sound advice to help pet parents keep their pets healthy for a long and happy life by being pro-active in their health.  There are many paths to the top of the mountain!

Every pet owner needs this book.  The information pertains to all breeds.  You will find tips within the story and over 800 websites of "helpful resources" to shorten your research time.

Topics include everything from allergies, cancer, forums, general health, natural healing, pet food, support groups, vaccinations plus many more topics.  Learn what's really in pet food and how to read labels.

This is your "one-stop shop" for information.  Whether you have a dog, cat, bird or horse, cancer doesn't discriminate.  There are websites for those critters as well.

Our pets are part of our family and we will do whatever it takes to make them well. No one wants to battle cancer and we hope you will never get that devastating diagnosis.  You are not alone...there are people to help you get through it!

Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM

"Nice Job!"
Barbara Masi, President
Greyhound Pets of America
Florida SE Coast Chapter

"Thank you for sharing your journey with your beautiful boys.  I'm starting mine with Max who was recently diagnosed with a mast cell tumor.  I felt the same way you did.  I joined a few support groups as you suggested which I didn't know about.  I love the way you include your tips and info within the story.  I'm now open to alternative treatments and trying to keep a positive attitude.  Your book is truly a "one-stop shop" - thanks for all the helpful websites.  I'm also learning about pet food."
Marilyn & Max

"I hope Veterinarians have read your book to see what it's like for us when our pets are ill.  My dog's illness also affected my health.  Thanks for taking the time to write this book."

New York

"I loved it!"
Lucia & Nina

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I refer to it often for suggestions and information as I work with all the rescued Papillons at The Dog House. Your observations about working with Vets are made with humor but there is no doubt that your determination to get the best for your pal, Bernie, is always at the forefront of your decisions.   I hope Veterinarians read this book and take it seriously.  The level of service and diagnosis needs to be ramped up to be equal to the tools we have now to heal our beloved pets and to communicate with us about what the options are.  I think your book is one that every pet owner should have in their library.  Thank you for this wonderful book and for sharing your experience with us."
Lyn McLaughlin, Director
Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption, Inc.
In The Dog House
Marietta, GA.

"I found your book very easy to understand and now I know what ingredients in dog food to avoid.  It was a real eye opener, thanks for the info!"
Mary & Oscar





In Loving Memory - Bernie 9/11/96 - 12/14/11
"Bernie was a gal's best shadow"







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